MS3 LSX Plug and Play Gold Box

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Type: ECU

Vendor: EFI Source

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The EFI Source MS3 Gold Series plug and play ECU  for LSX series motors is the most complete and cost effective system available on the market today. The Gold Series comes complete with a plug and play harness and a factory installed base tune. Simply connect a power, ground, and switched 12v and you will be up and running! With the Gold Series plug and play system there is no need to waste your precious time terminating a mess of wires under your hood, we did all the work for you! With a price of $1225 the Gold Series plug and play blows other units away with value for your hard earned dollar as well as ease of install.

MicroSquirt® MS3 LSX Gold Box Standard features

  • Controllers are factory configured for your style engine
  • Start up program factory installed
  • USB, RS232 and CAN communication
  • Onboard SD card for Data logging
  • 8 High Impedance injector drivers
  • 8 Logic level ignition outputs
  • Fuel pump output
  • Fan output
  • Stepper and PWM Idle Air Control outputs
  • Alternator output
  • 2 Nitrous outputs
  • Variable Valve timing output
  • 12 volt tach output
  • Two Step Input
  • 2 Oxygen sensor inputs
  • 2 Knock sensor inputs
  • Nitrous input
  • Data Log switch
  • Dual table switch
  • 3 additional general purpose inputs (on/off or frequency)
  • 1 additional analog input

**Systems are available for 24X or 58X LS engines.  This is important so that we can provide you with the proper harness for your application.*** 

***Please note there is a 3-5 business day handling time on this item***

Click Here to see the  MS3 LSX Gold Box engine dyno Video

MegaSquirt® and MicroSquirt® controllers are not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles  <>. Check the laws that apply in your locality to determine if using a MegaSquirt® or MicroSquirt® controller is legal for your application.

MicroSquirt® is a registered trademark of BG Soflex LLC

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