Megasquirt ECUs

When it comes to programmable aftermarket ECUs, the offerings from Megasquirt are tough to beat.  We've been using Megasquirt systems since the days when you had to solder the components to the board yourself!  Things have come a long way since those days. Megasquirt has now evolved into the most versatile, feature packed ECU available anywhere, at any price.  We've partnered with EFI Source to bring you the most advanced Megasquirt components available. The MS3 based Gold Box systems and the Microsquirt based systems utilize surface mount technology (SMT) boards that are on par with any OEM or aftermarket ECU.    In addition, EFI Source produces plug and play versions for several popular engines.  These systems make installation a breeze.  These and all other Megasquirt systems can be configured to control just about any engine/ignition combination.  With Megasquirt the possibilities are endless.