APLC-70 Turbo Plenum lg 70mm inlet

The Jenvey cast aluminium plenum has been designed to offer maximum performance on turbo and supercharged motorsport engines at excellent value. The cover and diffuser pipe can be arranged in 4 different ways (inlet top or bottom and left or right) ensuring it will fit most applications.  All interfaces are ‘o’ ringed to for easy rebuilds and all bolts are outside the plenum for engine safety. The plenum can be fitted onto 4 separate throttle bodies, a pair of TB bodies or used with any combination of manifold, spacers and a single SFG throttle body. This plenum has been designed to fit on the larger 4 cylinder and 5 cylinder engines such as the YB cosworth as well as the Volvo and Audi 5 cylinder engines.

Category: turbo plenum

Type: turbo plenum

Vendor: Jenvey

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