Enderle BAU (Big And Ugly)

The Enderle Big And Ugly has a very unique look on a Custom Car, Hot Rod, or Race Car, and deliver astonishing throttle response on a blower.

3-9/16'' butterflies.

These will fit on a 6-71 blower and most 8-71 & 10-71 blowers, but check the top opening to be sure.

These are converted to EFI using either 8 or 10 injectors depending on the hp preference.

The base hp is 575, but can be up to and beyond 1000 hp.

Email with specific hp requirements, and choice of butter

Included in the base price are 8 injectors, and Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) mounted on the unit, or a remote mount.

The is also a progressive linkage setup for these units at extra cost.

These are custom built and take minimumĀ  of 2 weeks for delivery.

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