eMS-Pro Electronic Fuel Injection System with 8′ Harness

Category: MS1

Type: ECU

Vendor: EFI Source

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***Customers who purchased the eMS-Pro also bought the EFI Source Coil Igniter. This part is required to drive coils directly off the eMS-Pro ECU***

eMS-Pro electronic fuel injection system powered by Megasquirt MS1 extra

The eMS-PRO is a small computer designed to control a wide variety of engines that use Electronic Fuel Injection (instead of a carburetor). This unit is very similar to the computers that are found in all late model fuel injected vehicles. However, unlike a GM or Ford computer, eMS-PRO users are able to “customize” parameters on the computer to make it support greater horsepower, a wider variety of engine designs (4-cylinder –V-12, etc.), and a broad array of power adders (nitrous, turbochargers, superchargers). eMS-PRO features include , launch controls, boost support for turbocharger or superchargers to 40psi, two-stage nitrous oxide controls, on-the-fly VE, spark tuning (distributor, coilpacks) plus staged injection capabilities for dual fuel/octane. Along with these features, you can communicate your programmable demands through a simple USB connection to your vehicle.
Includes 8′ Universal Wiring Harness -This universal harness comes un-terminated so that you can add on the various sensor pigtails to fit your application. All wires are automotive grade TXL style wire and are individually labeled every 6”. This harness is 8’ in length.

The eMS-Pro is one of the few stand alone EMS’s with native USB, no complicated serial adapter to configure

The Ins & Outs of the eMS-PRO
Required inputs:
• 12 volt switched ignition
• Chassis or battery ground
• Engine Position, one of the following
-Distributor Sensor (any magnetic, hall, or optical input)
-Crankshaft Trigger (hall/opto or magnetic; multiple tooth patterns supported)
• Coolant Temperature
• -Affordable GM Temp Sensors by default; other thermistor-based sensors can be calibrated in software
• Intake Air Temperature
-Affordable GM Temp Sensors by default; other thermistor-based sensors can be calibrated in software
• Manifold Pressure
-4-bar (40+ psi) map sensor included inside the eMS-PRO unit
• Throttle Position
-Any OEM 0-5v sensor can be calibrated to the eMS-PRO

Optional Inputs (included with unit but not required to run most engine combinations):
• Oxygen Sensor (any OEM Narrowband, or 0-5v Wideband such as Innovate LC-1)
• Cam Position Sensor
-Used in conjunction with Crank Position Sensors for TDC identification
-Can be magnetic, hall, or optical
• Nitrous Enable (if using eMS-PRO as a nitrous system trigger)
-Turnable Knock Circuit designed to work with OEM knock sensors
• 2-Step in
-Launch rev limiter or boost builder input trigger
(retards timing to configured settings when switched on)
• External MAP sensor
• Realtime Barometric Correction using second onboard MAP sensor
• Fuel Injector(s)
-High or Low Impedance supported
-Dual Bank, up to 8 injectors per bank. Can be configured as batch fire, or alternating banks.
-Secondary bank can be used for secondary VE tables, or staged injection (dual fuel, etc.)
• Fuel Pump Relay
-Triggers ground side of typical fuel pump relays, includes safety shutoff when RPMs = 0.
• Ignition Outputs:
-Up to 4 spark outputs; Can be used with factory coils, distributors, or wasted spark coilpacks
-0v Points triggering OR 5v TTL triggers
• Fast Idle
-Can support simple Fast Idle Valve for warmup, or PWM-style (2-wire) IAC valves
• 5 volt output
-Supports TPS and other sensors that require 5 volt supply
• Boost Control
-Supports GM-style boost control solenoids
• Tachometer Output
-12v square wave tach output, supports typical aftermarket tachometers
• Cooling Fan Relay Control
-Software configurable temps to enable and disable standard automotive Fan Control Relay (triggers ground side of relay)
• Shift Light
-Grounds LED-based shift light, or relay for other incandescent shift lights
• LED Indicators
-Indicate proper function of inputs and outputs on the eMS-PRO


MegaSquirt® and MicroSquirt® controllers are experimental devices intended for educational purposes. MegaSquirt® and MicroSquirt® controllers are not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles  <http://www.megamanual.com/tamp.htm>. Check the laws that apply in your locality to determine if using a MegaSquirt® or MicroSquirt® controller is legal for your application.

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